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Sonicwall <-> Smoothwall VPN

posted Jan 19, 2011, 2:40 AM by Mario Caballero   [ updated Jan 19, 2011, 3:12 AM ]
After much effort, i was finally able to figure out how to make a VPN using a smoothie and a sonicwall. It is relatively simple, ill do a simple how to here:
First make sure both your smoothie and your sonicwall are up and running!(this tutorial assumes you know how to work your way around both and have basic networking knowledge).
Get external IP from both sites, and get thier internal IP's and subnets
and choose a password, minimum 6 characters

Smoothie side:
1. go to your Smoothies VPN -> Connections
2. choose a name and type it in the name section(easy peasy)
3. left corresponds to Smoothie external IP, type it here
4. left subnet corresponds to your smoothies internal IP scheme and subnet(ex.
5. right corresponds to your Sonicwalls external IP
6. right subnet corresponds to your Sonicwalls internal IP scheme and subnet(ex.
7. secret and again are your password, type it here
and thats it for the smoothie side!

Sonicwall side:
1. go to the Sonicwalls VPN section and click add
2. the settings for the General page are as such:
    -IPSec Keying mode:IKE using Pre-shared Secret
    -Name: Name of the VPN
    -IPSec Primary Gateway: Smoothies external IP
    -IPSec Secondary Gateway: blank
    -Shared Secret: your password
    -Destination Networks: Specify destination network below
        -Click Add
        -Network:Smoothie internal IP Scheme
        -Subnet:Smoothie internal subnet
        -click Ok
3. go to Proposals
    -IKE (Phase 1) Proposal
        -Exchange: Main Mode
        -DH Group: Group 2
        -Encryption: 3DES
        -Authentication: MD5
        -Lifetime: 28800
    -IPSec (Phase 2) Proposal
        -Protocol: ESP
        -Encryption: 3DES
        -Authentication: MD5
        -Enable Perfect Forward Secrecy: Check
        -DH Group: Group 2
        -Lifetime: 28800
4. go to Advanced(everything will remain unchecked except)
    -Enable Keep Alive
    -Try to bring up all possible tunnels
    -Enable Windows Networking(NetBIOS) Broadcast(optional)
    -VPN Terminated at: LAN
5. thats it hit Ok and just wait for it to come online!

This was created using Smoothie 3.0, and a Sonicwall TZ180 Standard OS.

Leave your comments if you have problems!

*edit: found this nice network calculator for all you who need it!!!